Privacy of a new home

I want to talk to you about preparing you home when you are selling in.

I come from a place of experience.

About two years ago I was selling a condo in Victoria. As always i tell the client that is selling the home to keep it up and ready to show at any moment. It was in October close to halloween when I called up my client that was selling his home to tell him that I was going to come over in an hour to show his home to somebody that was looking to purchase a condo. He told me not to worry that he was not there and he was going to come home in about four hours. So I told the client that was looking to purchase the home that we were able to go now to see it and off we went.

We got to the home and instantly the client was impressed. The outside was immaculate and it was everything that she was looking for she was glowing and I could tell that this one was a home run. We went inside and into the living room. She was elated when she walked into the room and I could tell that this was going to be a easy sale. She told me “this is the perfect size.” Then she said “look at this kitchen it is so modern.” I told her just wait until you see the bedroom.

We went into the bedroom which was the best part of the home. It was a very large bedroom in a large condo that any single person looking to buy there first home would be happy to purchase but that is when everything went bad.

We walked in and I looked at her face and it went from a look of complete happiness to ass up in the air complete displeasure. As I saw this I looked around and I saw what caught her eye. The client that was selling his condo left his computer on. I think he was having a hard time sexually because I look at his computer and saw that he was looking for toys to help him masturbate because he left his computer on and it was on the web page and it had the image to the right on it .

I ignored it and had her look through the rest of the condo but I knew that it was done from there.

I asked her what she thought about the house and she told me that she was ready to make an offer on the home until she saw the bedroom. After that she told me that she felt dirty and she did not want the home after she saw the computer. It could never feel like her home.

So let everybody know who reads this that it is so important to have ALL things ready and clean when preparing your home to sell because it can be the little things that make or breaks the home selling process.

Come back next month and I will tell you more things to do and not to do to for the sell of your home.

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Talk to you again soon.